Friday, October 14, 2011

Step into the world of the Galactic Agency, a paranormal investigative agency.  Looking to have a matter handled in confidence? Seeking to find a paranormal entity gone AWOL?  Need to have crimes you suspect were committed by a paranormal entity investigated?

There's a world interspersed with ours that the average citizens is unaware of.  Meet the agents whose job it is to make sure things that go bump in the night remain in your imagination and do not materialize into the 3-dimensional beings they actually are.

In Demon Ryder, Book 1 of the Galactic Agency Series, we meet Agent Camille Stevenson, former Chicago Police Officer and now an Agent with the Galactic Agency.


Retrieving an unauthorized alien from Demopolis, the demon city which lies beneath the streets of downtown Chicago, shouldn’t be a problem for Agent Camille Stevenson - not when she’s a former police officer and a telepath.  But as soon as she sets foot underground, she discovers her first solo assignment will not be an easy one.  Throw her ill-timed attraction to a secretive, sexy stranger in the mix and she’ll be lucky to escape with her life – let alone her heart.

Head of the peacekeeping force in Demopolis, Ryder Endemar has enough problems policing demons while making sure U.S. citizens remain unaware of the other world beneath their feet.   A headstrong agent who believes she can handle herself in any situation is the last thing he needs – especially when she’s the boss’ s daughter and hot as Hell.


“You’re in my neighborhood, Princess, by your own choice. Who do you think’ll help you?” Ryder nodded at the bartender. “Put her drink on my tab.”

“You got it.”

He tightened his hold. Let’s go.”

“I’m not leaving with you.” Camille jerked away. “You’re wasting my time if you can’t tell me where the alien went.”

His square jaw tightened. “You sound very interested in what I know.”

“Oh yeah,” she purred. “Definitely.”

“Pity. ‘Cuz the alien probably won’t survive the night.”

She glared at him. “Thanks for nothing.”

He eased his grip, finally allowing her to move away. “I hope you make it out.” He turned away from her, making it clear the convo was over.

Fuming at the lack of cooperation, she hopped down. She advanced several feet then stopped. Despite the fact he irritated her, she didn’t have many options and this was the second reference she’d received about not leaving Demopolis tonight.

She stalked back to his side. As if he knew she would return, he swiveled on the stool to face her. Before she could speak, he shifted so his legs bracketed hers. The heat from his body warmed hers, but she wasn’t falling for his game. She was here to do a job, not be seduced.

“Level with me. I’m a big girl.”

He shook his head. “Definitely, not a girl. However, there’s an uneasy truce between demon factions. We’re seeing an increase of rogue behavior. It would behoove you to research where you’re working, Agent Stevenson.”

Camille let her breath out in a soft whoosh. Alarm coursed through her, dulling the sting of his barb. How could the Agency not know? “I’ll be long gone before anything kicks off and I’ll have the alien with me.”

He inclined his head. “Perhaps, but the border gates have been ordered to close by 7pm.”

“By whose order?”

“The Government’s.” He answered with a look that questioned her sanity.

She glanced at the black clock hanging near a television. She swallowed. Four hours didn’t leave a lot of time to find the alien and convince him to leave with her.

Ryder hooked his legs behind her knees and tugged her into the V created by his body. She caught a whiff of a woodsy scent and a flash of something purely masculine. She ignored the tingle of desire growing into an insistent drumbeat in the center of her being.

Glancing around, she saw the smiles on the faces of the patrons. Great. They probably believed thought they watched a disagreement between lovers. She placed her palms against his chest. His biceps flexed as his large hands settled onto her hips and she struggled to keep him from pulling her even closer.

“If you don’t make it out, I’ll let you spend the night with me.” He whispered the words, but each one fell like a boom of thunder against her ears.