Saturday, April 01, 2017

Edit Mode

Editing makes me happy. Well, sort of.  I'm in the middle of edits of a story that is frustrating me. Why? Because I can so clearly see the finish line and yet...not quite there.

To make matters worse, my brain is hopping with energy to return to one of my current WIPs.  I'm in a battle with myself--needing to focus on edits and yet the creativity of writing is literally making me salivate.

The hardest thing I deal with when editing is controlling the voice that questions whether a scene is finished.  Can I make it better? What if it's too much description? Not enough?  AARGGH!  It's enough to drive me crazy(ier). Editing generally is one of those processes for me which creates the answer when I least expect it. Sometimes I know when a scene isn't working but just can't put my finger on why it's not. I mull it over when going about my day and then BAM! the answer hits.

I'll keep plugging along because editing is a necessary process, I just hope the WIP stays in a holding pattern.