Saturday, October 24, 2015

Goodbye, Sweet Summer

Now that summer's over, what the heck did I do with my time?  Well, besides the DJ, I spent time on my never-ending quest for the perfect glass of sweet tea. If you're wondering what "sweet" tea is, it's tea with a lot of "real" sugar in it--no artificial sweeteners allowed. I'm talking old-fashioned cane sugar, stuff that you know is going to turn your insides to sludge as soon as the caramel-colored liquid crawls down your throat.  LOL.

And besides the DJ, I've been writing...and editing...and, from time to time, being besieged by that internal voice of doubt (IVD). Oh yeah, it springs up. But when it does, I wrangle it down to a muted roar. But, you may ask, what helps that IVD move from the forefront to the background?

For me, it helps to read what I've been working on before, to read scenes that I adore, to go back and read the synopsis, or at least a draft of the synopsis. This pulls me back into the story and kicks my creative spirit into overdrive and before long, I'm back at the least until the need for sleep makes my forehead hit the keyboard.