Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kissable Lips

As an author of romance, there are times when you write scenes in which your characters kiss.  And why not?  It's a pleasurable activity.  But you don't usually read about characters who struggle with dry lips, right? I reason then, why should the author?  I've been on a quest to find the perfect lip accessories for quite a few years. I can't tell you how many tubes (empty, half-used, and never opened) I've tossed out. Perhaps I'm not trying the right brand you might think.  But, my "didn't work for me" pile included drugstore brands to high-end brands. When I found a shade I liked, the lasting power wouldn't make it beyond my morning coffee. And when I located one with staying power, the color shouted, "look at me. I'm doing a dry-run for Halloween."

Most balms and stains did nothing but dry my lips out and the glosses never lasted.  Even after exfoliating my lips, I was constantly reapplying. Nothing kills romance faster than having to look in a mirror to check the status of my lips before puckering up. 

What's a girl who yearns for kissable lips to do? I'm probably the last person to discover the fantastic lipgloss and sticks from NYX Cosmetics.  But, since my experience wearing their products is beyond amazing, I couldn't keep the news to myself. 

The first time I wore my NYX lipgloss, the color remained as did the softness of my lips. I figured it was a fluke. I mean, surely this product didn't actually do what it promised.  So, I tried another color.  Same result. After using the glosses for two weeks (and I might add, receiving compliments), I'm in love with NYX. 

I'm currently using the butter glosses. Try them and see if they work for you. Remember, exfoliate first, apply, and then kiss away! (No I'm not an employee. Just a satisfied customer).