Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Post Season Wrap-Up

You blink and an entire season is gone. I barely recall the weekends and the vacation seems like it happened to someone else. I was blessed to get away so I won't complain. But seriously, next time, I'm going to need to buy sand in a bottle or at least embed sand in the sole of my sandals to remind me that I was actually at the beach.

This summer, I got closer to nature...and bugs. I don't besmirch certain multiple-legged beings their right to roam or jump in my garden but a little chipping in on the monthly expenses would be nice. If you're going to claim my home as yours...I'm just sayin'....

I wear gloves but yet, seeing something crawl along the back of my hand sends me into near-convulsions to the delight of Oscar (that's what I named my neighbor's Retriever + (plus, because he's mixed with something but nobody knows what). I don't know why "Oscar" popped into my head. That's not even the dog's real name but his bark sounds like an "Oscar." 

On the writing front, I am nearing the end of several projects along with the reworking of a story previously published by a now-defunct publisher. I'm happy about my progress.

Fall is here and with it, the beginning of the holiday season and the never-ending quest to not eat too much. My decision to divulge to the family that I was not making two pans of mac and cheese was met with silence and disgust. Whatever. I'm the one cooking it so what I say goes unless someone else wants to take the reins in the kitchen. Any takers?  Silence...to my eternal disgust.