Saturday, November 25, 2017

Postponed Pleasure

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Enjoy an excerpt below... 

Matthew’s laughter rumbled from his chest, mesmerizing her with its rich fullness. “I can’t believe we both ended up in California. So close and yet…” He rubbed a finger over her bare left hand.

Laila clenched her thighs in response.

“Did you marry that overgrown hulk you dated in college?”

“No.” She grimaced. “I sent him packing after he cultivated the terrible habit of dating several women at the same time. What about you? Last I heard, you and a beauty queen were headed into domestic bliss.”

He chuckled. “She wanted to get married but she wasn’t the woman for me.”

Laila wanted to ask who was, but the idea of him finding the perfect woman rankled. Hadn’t he made it perfectly clear she didn’t hold his interest?

He trailed a finger from her wrist to her elbow, then circled her arm to tug her around the floater to his side. “Is there anyone who’d have a problem with us spending time together?”

Come on, girl. He shouldn’t still affect you like this. She shook her head. “What about on your end?”

“Not at all.” His leg brushed against hers.

A jolt of awareness traveled up her body, pooling in her center. Her pulse rocketed into overdrive, causing her brain to issue a red alert, but her body refused to listen. Images of them kissing and his hands stroking her willing body flooded her mind. Her entire being readied itself for pleasure.

He grinned as if he knew her secret thoughts. “You know, I never found a woman who kisses as well as you.”

You’re over him, remember? Pull yourself together, Miss Independent. Her heart throbbed against her chest and she allowed a small smile of pride at the idea of being irreplaceable.

Matthew snaked an arm around her waist. “I know we didn’t part on the best of terms but I never stopped thinking about you.”

His deep tones blew through her walls of protection like fire through dry pine needles.

She quivered in response. How could her body betray her like this? She said nothing, afraid of what she’d blurt out if she opened her mouth. Was he playing another game with her?

“Did you ever think about me?” His voice lowered, melting the years between them like butter in a hot skillet.
His intense gaze ran over her, heating her exposed skin. 

Don’t give in. He left you for someone else. “You cross my mind if someone mentions you,” she forced out in a breathy tone as if she’d run a mile. Liar. After all this time, why did he have such an effect on her? She was over him, had been ever since he obliterated her heart.

He chuckled. “Sometimes I wish we hadn’t been so close.”

Was that a look of regret crossing his face? Laila nodded in agreement with his words, not really knowing how else to respond.

“We were young and—”

“I know what you mean.” She forced a smile to her face, though she didn’t understand what he meant at all. Was his regret the reason he’d hurt her?

To pre-order Postponed Pleasure, click here.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm not traveling this year so I can't give any advice as to travel. However, I can surely offer my empathy if, like myself, you found yourself needing to go to the grocery store the DAY before Thanksgiving.

Let me assure you, I had a list. Checked it not only twice but three times. I was ready. I had a strategy to "get in and get out."

When I came through the door, I noticed that almost every check-out lane had an actual cashier. PERFECT. Thirty minutes and I'd be back in my car.

So...what's that saying about best laid plans? 

The first sign that there'd be a ripple in my timeframe was the fact that there was no celery where there was supposed to be celery. I kid you not. I ask you, are you to make dressing (or stuffing depending on where you live) without celery? Can it even be done? If it can, this was not the year I wanted to find out such a fact. Anyhoo, I had to wait for the celery to be replenished. No real biggie. I just went on with my shopping.

The second sign that this would be an adventure in patience was the fact that there were only two boxes of unsalted butter where there should be piles of boxes. (Perhaps it's not called a box of butter, but you know, the thing with four separate sticks of butter inside? Yes, that's what I'm referring to). Out of the corner of my eye, I spot a woman and her husband at the top of the aisle. She was reading off her list and clearly said "butter."

I like to think that I'm a gracious person but to be perfectly clear, I needed that butter to bake my million dollar cake. Oh yes, I did. As casually as I could manage, I picked up the two boxes and deposited them in my cart. Then, smoothly executed a U-turn with my cart and left the scene.

The third sign that this would in no way resemble a typical trip to the grocery store? The flour I normally purchase to make said million dollar cake was NOT on the shelf. GASP! I need to bake that cake. I could almost taste the sweet blend of almond and vanilla extract. Was this payback for taking both boxes of butter?

One hour and forty minutes later, I was pushing my cart to the car complete with everything on my list...and a headache.

What wisdom can I impart if you find yourself in the unenviable position of having to stop at a grocery store the day before Thanksgiving?

  • Patience is most definitely a virtue and a necessary addition if your sanity is to be maintained.
  • The store hasn't run out of items. They're simply in the storeroom. Don't be afraid to paste a smile on your face and ask for assistance. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes. I add this because if, like myself, you were coming from work you may have not anticipated being in the store for a length of time.
I hope you enjoy your day with loved ones. I'm off to bake my million dollar cake and I bet that's exactly what'll taste like.