Galactic Agency Series

Step into the world of the Galactic Agency, a paranormal investigative agency. Looking to have a matter handled in confidence? Seeking to find a paranormal entity gone AWOL? Need to have crimes you suspect were committed by a paranormal entity investigated?

There's a world interspersed with ours that the average citizen is unaware of. Meet the agents whose job it is to make sure things that go bump in the night remain in your imagination and do not materialize into the three-dimensional beings they actually are.

 Demon Ryder is the first book in the Galactic Agency Series.  Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

Retrieving an unauthorized alien from Demopolis, the demon city which lies beneath the streets of downtown Chicago, shouldn’t be a problem for Agent Camille Stevenson - not when she’s a former police officer and a telepath. But as soon as she sets foot underground, she discovers her first solo assignment will not be an easy one. Throw her ill-timed attraction to a secretive, sexy stranger in the mix and she’ll be lucky to escape with her life – let alone her heart.

Head of the peacekeeping force in Demopolis, Ryder Endemar has enough problems policing demons while making sure U.S. citizens remain unaware of the other world beneath their feet. A headstrong agent who believes she can handle herself in any situation is the last thing he needs – especially when she’s the boss’ s daughter and hot as Hell.

A Stone Unturned is the second book in the Galactic Agency series.  Available now at Amazon.

How much would you risk for an Ex?

That’s the question Galactic agent Nia Stone must answer when she learns her former lover has been kidnapped by rogue demons. An extraction mission is intense on a good day. Toss in unresolved feelings and a rescue becomes dicey at best. Pushing her feelings aside, Nia heads to Demopolis, the demon city lying beneath the streets of Chicago. Using every bit of her skills, she ultimately proves successful in her assignment.

Moloch Endemar, head of the American Demon Council, has always regretted ending his scorching hot relationship with Nia. Now, faced with an arranged marriage he does not desire, he is determined to discover a way to win to make Nia forgive him.

But Moloch’s return to Nia’s life threatens not only her heart, but quite possibly the very existence of demons themselves.