Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Review for Painted Passion!

Here's a review for Painted Passion by Monlatable Reviews:

PAINTED PASSION is a sexy and engrossing page turner. Hunter created a story with realistic characters that makes you root for love to triumph over grief and regret. Trella is a strong woman with a passion and talent for painting. After losing her husband in a violent and tragic way she has returned to her home in Phoenix. After years of being away and handing off the responsibility of watching over Trella to his cousin Miguel, Carlos is back and his feelings for his ex-partner's wife are as strong as ever. 

Trella and Carlos have unfulfilled feelings for one another which they both want to deny. They are both hesitant to take a chance on a relationship together because of their connections to Louis. However the danger that her deceased husband faced has surfaced again and it's now up to both Trella and Carlos to get justice for Louis' death and make Trella safe again. 

The secondary characters in this one are interesting as well and I hope that Hunter ends up giving several of them their own books too. PAINTED PASSIONS was a quick and very satisfying read with diverse characters, a good storyline, and plenty of steaminess!

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