Sunday, October 08, 2017

Second chance for a first love?

Who hasn't wished for a do-over of a relationship, an argument, or to spend more time with someone who exited our lives before we were ready?  

Postponed Pleasure is the story of Matthew and Laila. Remember your first love? The overwhelming feelings that you just knew would last forever? Well, sometimes life has other plans. Sometimes, we are forced to pick up the pieces and move on. But in the back of your mind, always lurks a small "what if". I was looking through high school photos which provided the kernal for this story.

PostPoned Pleasure Blurb

 Who needs love when you have job security? Career is advertising executive Laila Donovan’s sole focus. Faced with the opportunity to land a high-profile account, she is determined to win. Retired pro quarterback Matthew Parker is enjoying a life filled with hosting gigs. When his teenage love re-enters his life, Matt intends to keep her in his life this time.

Will Matt succeed or will Laila decide winning at all costs is the most important play to make?

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