Wednesday, December 24, 2014


In honor of today's release for PAINTED PASSION, here is an excerpt:

Was she out of her mind? Arms full of white linens, Trella shut the closet door with her foot. She entered the guest room, piling the linens on the nearby nightstand. The man was dangerous to her peace of mind, and she invited him to spend the night.

She slid the fitted sheet over the pillow-top mattress. She stared at the center of the bed, seeing instead the man with dark-chocolate eyes who towered over her.

When she’d opened the front door and saw him standing there, she couldn’t stop herself from seeking warmth inside his arms. Her fingers itched to roam through the thick, rebellious waves of midnight-black hair. For one crazy, irrational moment, she wanted him to kiss her, to feel his lips on hers—a connection to another person she hadn’t experienced since Louis.

She smoothed the cool Egyptian cotton. Her dear, sweet husband. Theirs had been a marriage filled with laughter and friendship. Louis had been a tender lover, but they never had passion between them. Which was fine with her. She had no desire to love someone so completely she risked neglecting her own life.

But even while she sensed the impetuosity of passion lurking beneath Carlos’ quiet surface, she’d been unable to resist its call. The brush of their fingers in the kitchen had turned her insides to liquid heat, leading her to do something stupid—like asking him to stay.

She slid two plump down pillows into pillowcases. Thankfully, she wasn’t Carlos’ type. Every woman she’d ever seen him with was tall and slim.

Carlos walked into the room, jeans hinting at the muscles of his powerful thighs. “You didn’t have to dress the bed for me.”

Dragging her attention from his body, she noticed the black overnight bag he carried in one hand. “You’re providing peace of mind.” She shrugged. “We’re even. Towels are in the bathroom.”

He set the bag on the floor, the form-fitting white t-shirt straining against his biceps with the movement. “What type of alarm system do you have?”

She frowned as her mind made the leap from his biceps to formulating a response to his question. “Um, a standard one.”

“Does it cover windows, too?”

“Only doors, I think. This was Louis’ domain. He just gave me the code, and I was happy.”

Carlos nodded. “You need to take a more active approach to your safety, Trella.”

She sighed, sinking onto a black leather bench at the foot of the bed. “Sometimes, it’s hard to think about things Louis handled.”

He put a large hand on her shoulder. “I’ll help you.”

She glanced down, noticing his clean nails. A tingle went through her, and she wondered why he’d never married. He certainly had plenty of females to choose from.

Catty much? She squared her shoulders, and his hand fell away. She rose to her feet. “The remote for the TV is in the top drawer of the nightstand.”

“Thanks, Trella.”

She left the room, praying her lapse of common sense was temporary.

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